Upcoming Features

Thanks for visiting Mighty Small! As our downtown Main Street economies change and evolve on a weekly basis, so too will this site. Our goal is to help customers continue to engage and shop your stores in as many ways as possible! Make sure to bookmark this page + check back regularly for new features! We are excited to share what we have so far, and even more excited to show you what’s coming next!

Coming soon

These are the smaller changes that we will be implementing in the very near future.

  • Only interested in businesses near you? We’re working on fixing some bugs to make that possible. Check back soon!
  • Are you a business owner looking for assistance using our site? We’ll be releasing documentation on our support page as soon as possible. In the meantime, send us an email and we will help!
  • More business descriptors, ways to engage, and services – but we need your help! If you think we’re missing something, please send us an email and we’ll add it!
  • Tips + Resources to help your small business adapt and transform to reach new (and old) customers.

Further away

These are larger goals that may take a while for us to launch.

  • We’re working on adding event listings so that events can be listed too! Whether you’re hosting an event for your business or as a fundraiser for a non-profit, we’re looking forward to having a place for these events on Mighty Small. This one will take us a little longer to pull off, but we are hoping to have it ready before the end of the summer.
  • Expanding beyond southern New Hampshire + Maine. Though this platform started in Somersworth, NH, the goal is to help small and mighty businesses wherever they are! We’d love to see the Mighty Small community grow, so please tell any local business owners you know to come list their business on Mighty Small!