Life Is Sweet Candy Store

Ways to Engage with Us
COVID-19 Protocols + Expectations
Notice from the owner

“We feel that in times like this it is so important to offer an experience of joy and happiness. We will meet our customers where they feel most comfortable, shopping in the store, ringing our doorbell and staying outside, online, delivery – they set the tone for how we make their experience sweet!”


Life is Sweet is a family owned sweet shop established in December of 2006. Our store is filled with all types of specialty, old-fashioned, imported & handmade treats. Bulk candies in sparkling jars, chocolate treats and home-made fudge piled high, and tubs filled with old fashioned “penny candy” and over 20 types of home-made cupcakes. Soft Serve Ice Cream and Hard Serve Ice Cream …with over 60 options available everyday. Remember… Life Is Short so make it sweet!